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Assessment of fire risk and counteraction to data centers


Given the advancement of the country and the increasing policy of moving towards electronic documents and paperless organizational processes, as a system, today the need for shortening the organizational process in public and private agencies has led to the creation and expansion of data centers and server rooms. And given the growing volume of banking and trading transactions, the need to create an integrated and electronic platform in the country is felt day by day, and the government is moving rapidly towards e-government. In this regard, the importance of protecting these centers and knowing the risks and dangers of various factors that affect the temporary closure or the term "downtime" of these centers, such as power connection, surface fire, deep fire or ventilation system failure It can be seriously damaged to these centers. Also, temporary and even hourly shutdowns of these centers during office hours could create irreparable damages to provide services such as banking services, client organizations and private centers with a complex process. For this purpose, we examine this type of risk.

Fire resistant structure:
The TIA942, issued by the Infrastructure and Data Builder from the construction phase to the electronic communication instructions, must be made in accordance with this standard.

Building: The walls in the data center should be made of standard gypsum or prefabricated panel or fireproof fireproof to a certain time. False ceilings and false ceilings in the data center of the type up to AMF with a high fire resistance and heat tolerance of at least 300 degrees, 30 minutes. Input data standard anti-fireproof and anti-theft standard data type with opening handle from inside the room Safety is made.
Electrical installation locations, standard cables, cable tie terminals and ......

All in the TIA942 are extensively listed.

Unfortunately, in Iran, in many government offices, this room is made incorrectly and non-standard if the data center is not limited to a room that contains several UPS racks or batteries.

Basically, these rooms are server servers and have a major difference with the data center.

Data centers are usually at least between 40 and 200 racks or more filled with servers, UPS and storage hard drives, and are much larger than these rooms, and along with the TIER1 to TIER4 rating standards, which are basically the building already in place for this Designed to be used to audit these centers, they will be awarded various certifications.

In the case of the building, these rooms are the first major issue of silty being the maximum isolation of the room. The average temperature in a data center is between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. If there is a leakage of temperature, so-called room is not isolated and in the long run there are a lot of damage. To the equipment.

Project Evaluation and Risk for Fire Extinguishing:

According to the nfpa75 standard, the fire extinguishing agent in the clean agent server room is inert gas.

Now I have to see what in these rooms should be considered before the project is executed and designed. First, you need to check the location of the fire extinguishers.

So first, we examine the isolation of the environment with the door fan test device. If the air leakage pattern is reasonable from the main door room, we can start the design work.

The room ventilation system must be checked before and after the cfm meter, and the air flow velocity can be calculated (wind speed / min)

Electrical cables that cross the trays from the floor and the ceiling should be fully examined, and the type of cables and their connection must be very important to the racks. The first fire-fighting factor in the server rooms is the non-use of standard fastening between the cables. With my observations, more than 30% of the fires are caused by the corrosion of the cable with the belt buckle and the connection and burning of the cable cover and creating superficial smoke, The false floor happens, usually the fire alarm zone is activated and the siren sounds. If after the visit, the fire may be switched off and there is no need for fire extinguishing.

One of the things that matters during the fire is the disconnection of the ventilation system as soon as the initial alarms are triggered, or the warning is at the start of the fire, because the speed of winding in the server rooms is sometimes so high that it is possible that the second fire detector Which usually closes on the fire extinguishing zone, can not detect smoke and spread fire.

It is noteworthy that in 90 rooms in the data chambers, the smoke and heat source are not heat in most of the project, the smoke and heat detectors are closed in the wrong direction, which makes it possible to detect smoke in the first zone, but in the same zone as Parallel ambient temperature never reaches 68 ° C, which is the threshold of detecting the thermal detector, and therefore the fire extinguishing system does not work!

In datacentres because of point heat and is rapidly reduced, it is better to use linear cable sensor cable or LHD cable on the cable tray of the floor and in the electrical switchboard, but it is not necessary to use it.

In the server rooms, the number of smoke detectors should be greater than ordinary rooms, such as an office room covering up to 7 meters in radius. In principle, with the increase in the number of smoke detectors, we increase the smoke reach, so no obstacle in the server room if there is any perimeter of the perimeter of the smoke detector.

The second fire factor in the data chambers is the main switchgear, as the fuses may ignite the main switchboard



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