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Fire alerting and archiving system and document centers


Firefighting and fire alarms archives and document and treasury bills:

Due to the expansion of information technology and the aggregation of paper documents as data storage on servers, the need to keep paper documents and securities and important new and important documents and those documents that can not be stored on computers are important in the centers and the rooms of the documents. will find .

Archival and fire alarm system and bank and museums treasury and treasury offices:

Due to the value of the documents, the system of announcement and enforcement should be used which, in the first place, does not damage documents. Secondly, in the quickest possible time, fire can be switched off.

In fire class A, wood - paper - zonkin - paper and gold coins and ... .. all of which are available in the archives of documents. De-burning materials are burned or burned. Which is possible in case of fire and restraint. Again, the oxygen content of the fire can be activated from the inside. Therefore, the substance must have an environmental sustainability capability of at least 15 minutes to ensure that the fire is completely extinguished.

Firewalls Documentation and Archive Centers and Bills:

In the firewall firewall, smoke and heat detectors or combinations must be used, as the fire agent in this class can be both of these factors.

The whole process, such as the declaration and fire-fighting of the server room, can only be used in this project, depending on whether the center is isolated or not, to use an airspiling system to detect smoke in a selective manner, unless it is mandatory to use it.

The air flow system of these rooms is of great importance as the exhaust system (fan outlet) or air conditioner valves are used to ventilate the room, which is sure to be used before ambush by 24-V motors, in the shortest time before the shutdown of these valves. Do not waste the gas and do not disperse it.

This command is either through the flowcharts which, in the event of a manual shutdown of cylinders or a fire extinguisher panel, is triggered by a conduit relay located inside the main switchboard or the cooling system display.

In the fire alarm system, archives and document centers, usually located on the lower floors or halls farther away from the central building, are used for many hearing aids. If these halls usually have larger dimensions than server rooms and data centers. That is, the number of sirens and flip-flops and LED signs. The discharge of gas and emergency exits are usually more than the usual one.

As well as protecting the entrance door, a fireproof metal door system must be fitted with a security lock with a high safety factor.


Fire Fighting System Documentation and Archives and Treasury Bills:

In the field of fire extinguishing, the following guidelines are usually recommended, and here we are examining which one has a higher safety margin for fire extinguishing:

Aerosol fire extinguishing system: This system is considered by employers according to its advantages. The first advantage of this is the need for plumbing and installation in a wall package or in a shelf, but given the fact that the Ariocle package at discharge time The heat of 200 degrees Fahrenheit is released, it burns and damages the documents and is practically inefficient.
In the next advantage, it is considered that the aerosol acts as a topical and does not require the discharge of all its cylinders. But considering that in a large document hall, one can not guess at all, a ghosts created and burned in a center part of the documentary, because fire class A fire is a fire and can be reactivated again. Do not re-activate because Aerosol is not suitable for fire extinguishers in any way according to clause of the NFPA standard of 2010 and 2013 editing.
Standard NFPA2010 Standard No. 7,4,2,1 AeroSeal Fire Extinguisher Able to fire extinguishers in fire classes A (other than fire extinguishing materials) Fire Class B (other than those containing vapors and flammable particles in the air) Class C fire (in limited cases and only if tested).

So, given the deep burning of the goods, we should consider the system TOTAL FLOODING, ie all fire extinguishing materials in the room are discharged. In the whole term, the volume of the room is filled with exhaust ventilation.

If this occurs despite the presence of an aerosol: 1. The level of vision in this room reaches zero; 2. The solid particles suspended after discharging, in the form of larger grains than solid particles in the air, in the presence of human agent into the existing lung Live penetrates and causes acute respiratory problems.

In accordance with clause 4.2.3 of the NFPA2010 standard, 2013 editing The limitation of the presence of people at the Ariozel drainage site: Personnel should not be shut off at the time of discharge or after discharge. Aerosol will be present at the site.

If necessary, arrivals at the time of the aerosol evacuation must be used by trained people with protective equipment such as air bags (respiratory capsules) and masks and special coatings.

Aerosol is a disposable package and can not be reused or recharged after recharging. (Not cost effective) Because of the above, as well as the effect of its materials on the product, such as adhesion - corrosive - the creation of oil Black - and the need for cleaning up to 24 hours after fire extinguishing as well as possible damage to any external insurance company such as VDS or FM is not willing to give a certificate to this product.

And it's noteworthy that the UL standard guarantees only the functionality of the system and its operation, not the other.

Gas fire extinguishing system (hfc 227ea) fm200 Documentation centers and archives:

A Class A firefight requires a clean and inert gas for firefighting




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