About Us

Samaco Fire Extinguisher Company, believing that human resources are the most valuable resources and capital available to an organization, in pursuit of this ambition to provide high-quality services in sustainable development, to have a healthy environment and create an environment. Safe work provides stakeholders with the knowledge of the world today and relying on its expert human resources to serve the community and, in keeping with the country's safety, has stepped into a rigorous field of responsibility.
As a safety and fire service company in the country, we are committed to using our resources to develop products and services that meet the needs of our customers. We have also built an organization that honors, improves the quality, diversity, customer orientation, innovation and excellence along with teamwork.
We want to be our first choice for our firefighting and HSE services in our beloved Iran. Our distinguished place for our customers, partners and partners, and especially the people who are our main exploiters, will be in our organizational goals and we will have a permanent partnership in the sustainable development and security of the community.
Our shared vision is a way to identify all of our potential weaknesses and abilities. This perspective, while identifying the requirements for future success, places company strengths and past success as an incentive to excellence in corporate goals.
In the same vein, the company, with the belief in management systems, is proud to receive IMS certifications, which include ISO9001-2015, ISO14001-2015 and OHSAS18001-2007 standards, and in addition to the standards, due to the importance of the health, safety and environment of the HSE- ME has also been taken.
The institutionalization and promotion of the HSE culture and the protection of human resources through the mechanism of education, the development of skills, the motivation to work, creating an environment full of intimacy, synergy and free of diseases and occupational accidents in the organization.
IMS Integrated Management System Policy
Samaco is a provider of safety and fire safety services (supply of equipment, services, advice, implementation, training, risk assessment and fire safety) to cover customers, satisfies customers, reduces customer and stakeholder complaints as part of their beliefs. .
The CEO, in line with the implementation of the above policies, announces the company's policy as follows:
1. Improving the level of customer satisfaction through highlighting quality, integrity, security and speed in all activities of the company and increasing the number of customers of the organization.
2. Efforts to maintain and use effective human resources as the main capital of the company and promote the level of knowledge and organizational culture of employees through continuous training to improve the performance and prosperity of their capabilities.
3. Accelerating key processes (supply, sales and after-sales services, and providing accurate and timely reports to customers in the consulting and training services sector)
4. Improvement and upgrade of monitoring and operational systems in order to monitor performance and prevent diversion in order to further achieve the company's performance and objectives.
5. Maintaining and continuing the expertise and organizational experiences through the development of organization and integration and knowledge-based
6. To answer complaints of clients fairly and impartially and identify the causes of complaints, improve and improve processes with the aim of reducing complaints and satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders and secrecy and non-disclosure of customer information.
7. Identify, evaluate and control continuous and effective hazards in normal, emergency and critical situations and reduce occupational accidents and diseases.
8. Continuous effort to observe all environmental laws and control the life cycle of the service from the purchase to the end of life of equipment and the environment as the main element of sustainable development.
For this purpose, the establishment and maintenance of quality management systems, monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction, handling customer complaints and improving the quality of training according to ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 10002: 2004, ISO 10015: 1999 and HSE-MS standards are selected and maintained. As a milestone in moving to the excellence of the company from Samaco.
Moving within the framework of the above-mentioned quality, safety, health and environmental policies is not possible except by believing in the principle of sincere unity and commitment to the observance of the principles and requirements of the integrated management system.
While expressing my full commitment to the operation, maintenance and maintenance of the system, I would like to convey to all members of the SAMCO team that I fully understand this policy and will continue to contribute to the realization of the goals.

Mehrdad Ashoori
CEO of Samaco Corporation